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New drugs and disease treatments that improve patient outcomes are often the results of innovations in the biomedical sciences field. Many of these innovations are made possible because of advanced R&D tools used by researchers. These R&D tools are critical and are akin to the shovels and buckets used by the early prospectors discovering gold during the gold rush. Sometimes, major advancements in R&D tools even create research paradigm shifts that changes the industry’s approach to research and development.

In our Special Feature for this edition of the Singapore PharmBio Guide, we want to bring Singapore’s R&D tool sub-sector into focus and highlight its significant contribution to the economy and the outsized role it plays in the global biomedical sciences research landscape. We have profiled a few of the leading international R&D tool companies that have made Singapore their home-base. Through these profiles, we hope readers will have a better understanding of the local biomedical sciences scene and discover how Singapore is providing a conducive environment for these companies to thrive and grow their business in Asia and beyond.

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