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Since the launch of Singapore’s Biomedical Sciences Initiative in 2000, the global pharmaceutical industry has undergone tremendous changes. Pharma companies have had to adapt to new market realities and Asia has taken centre stage as the region’s healthcare markets bloomed. Within this context, Singapore’s biomedical sciences sector has continued to mature, grow and adapt in response to the needs of the industry. The local biopharma manufacturing activities for instance have expanded, with production output in 2017 measuring over S$17 billion. Local biomedical R&D is also bearing fruit, as we see more indigenously-developed innovations making their way to the market.

For this edition of the Singapore PharmBio Guide, we spoke to a number of industry veterans to hear their impression of the industry’s growth since 2000 and where they think the industry is heading. Seeing through their eyes, we hope our readers will better appreciate the advancement of our local industry and the path that it may take in the future.

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Managing Consultant
1st Phase Operations

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