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Singapore Playing an Instrumental Role in the Life Science Sector

Singapore continues to play an important role in global scientific instruments companies’ operations. Being part of the Medical Technology sector in Singapore, six out of the top 10 global scientific instrument companies have strong presence here, contributing approximately S$7 billion in manufacturing output last year and providing close to 4,500 jobs across manufacturing and R&D.

The first wave of scientific instruments companies entered Singapore in the early 2000s, focusing on manufacturing. Over the years, we have seen a growing number of complex and sophisticated instruments such as microarrays, mass spectrometers, and sequencing equipment being made here for global markets. To better manage the quality and cost of products, companies have also developed a strong pool of local suppliers to support them.

In addition to manufacturing activities, scientific instruments companies are increasingly co-locating their product development and research centers with manufacturing to achieve greater efficiencies. As an example, Illumina’s benchtop sequencer MiniSeq was designed by Singapore engineers together with their US counterparts and subsequently manufactured here.

With big data and the emergence of digital technologies, we are seeing the trend of companies capitalising on digital transformation to deliver better outcomes for researchers and patients. With the growth of digitally connected instruments, software from these instruments as well as the ability to analyse data and translate them into insights have become increasingly important. We welcome companies to tap on Singapore’s analytics ecosystem and talent to develop new instruments and solutions around big data.

In this current edition, we are fortunate to have selected scientific instruments players share with us their journey in Singapore and scope of activities. We hope that the information in this section will help you to appreciate the opportunities in this growing sector. Singapore, with its deep manufacturing capabilities and strong research ecosystem, is well positioned to capture the next wave of growth in the life science sector. We will continue to evolve and ensure that we remain a valuable partner for the scientific instruments companies.

Goh Wan Yee
Executive Director, Healthcare
Singapore Economic Development Board