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The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES)

The Institution of Engineers, Singapore was formally established on July 1966 as the national society of engineers in Singapore. IES is the premier engineering institution in Singapore and is often called upon by the Government to provide feedback on professional engineering matters.

IES is well represented among the faculty members of the major engineering institutions of higher learning in Singapore. Through close collaboration with the local universities and polytechnics, IES organises courses, seminars and talks for engineers and IES members to advance the continuous development of engineers.

The Institution maintains close links with professional organisations of engineers regionally and throughout the world. These include organisations in Australia, China, Japan, United Kingdom and the United States. The Institution also represents Singapore in the World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO), ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisations (AFEO) and the Federation of Engineering Institutions of Asia and the Pacific (FEIAP) in promoting goodwill and fellowship among all engineers in the region and internationally.

Through its Engineering Accreditation Board (EAB), IES obtained full signatory status in the Washington Accord (WA) in June 2006. The entry grants IES the authority to represent Singapore, the first country within the ASEAN region which has obtained full signatory status in the WA, to vet education systems under the WA mutual recognition framework.

IES Programmes
To raise the technical competencies of engineers in Singapore and promote engineering to the community, IES has established Engineering Technical Committees and the Chartered Engineer Programme.

The respective Engineering Technical Committees cover the whole range of engineering activities in Singapore. Of interest to the pharmaceutical industry is the Chemical and Process Engineering Technical Committee and the Energy Technical Committee. Activities carried out by these committees include seminars, career talks and government consultations as subject matter experts.

In Singapore, one of the routes to being recognised as a proficient engineer is via the Chartered Engineer Programme which is a professional accreditation framework administered by IES. Professional certification benefits both employers and engineers. To the engineer, it indicates that a recognised and reputable professional engineering body has assessed and validated his or her specialised training, competence and commitment to professionalism. To the employers, such certification provides the assurance that their employees have had credentials and competence assessed by an independent panel. Being recognised as a Chartered Engineer will help provide added assurance to employers that their employees will continue to be engaged and committed to keep up with the best practices in the industry as a natural part of their professional development. The accreditation process involves a written submission and an interview on the relevant experience in the various facets of engineering practice such as design, project management, economics, operations improvement and HSE.

For the pharmaceutical industry, engineers from the various disciplines (e.g. Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Control & Instrumentation) will be awarded the Chartership for the sector. Furthermore, as IES has a Mutual Recognition Agreement with the Institute of Chemical Engineers UK, Chemical Engineers will automatically also gain the Chartered Engineer status from IChemE UK.

IES will not rest on its laurels and will seek to bring the engineering profession greater recognition and raise the status of engineers both locally and internationally through closer collaboration with its stakeholders and contributions to society.

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