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Chemicals - Biochemicals/Bio-reagents/Kits

The term biochemical can refer to any chemical compound which is part of the makeup of living cells. A reagent is a substance or compound added to a system to cause a chemical reaction, or added to see if a reaction occurs. In biochemistry the term bio-reagent often refers to enzymes. The terms reactant and reagent are often used interchangeably—however, a reactant is more specifically a substance… More


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Representing leading edge companies in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceutical and general laboratory equipment, APP Systems Services is expanding its product portfolio and applying traditional standards of service excellence to serve the needs of… More

Econo Green is fully focused on providing a One-Stop Shop for our customers. We have a complete range of Laboratory Products (Equipments, Consumables, Chemicals), Safety & PPE Products (Garments, Shoe Covers, Hairnet, Wipes and etc), Disinfectant Products… More

OSS is a Singaporean-owned group of companies and Asia's leading manufacturer of contamination control and cleanroom consumables for the Pharma and Healthcare industries. Our manufacturing facilities in Penang and China maintain NEBB certified Cleanrooms… More

Afirmus Biosource specialises in importing and distributing premium quality research products as well as advanced technologies and solutions used in many life science research areas such as immunology, cellular & molecular biology, genetics, chemical… More

Bio-REV is a leading regional distributor of R&D reagents, consumables and equipment in the field of life sciences. We are the exclusive distributor for brands like ATCC, Apricot Designs, Biolamina, Biological Industries, Drummond & Iwaki. Our products… More

Miltenyi Biotec is a global provider of products and services that advance biomedical research and cellular therapy. The company's innovative tools support research at every level, from basic research to translational research to clinical application.… More

SPD Scientific is part of the Biomedia Group that provides a wide range of biomedical and laboratory equipment, reagents, test-kits, laboratory consumables, as well as diagnostic products. The company plays a key role for customers in industries such… More

Avantor is a global manafacturer and distributor of high-quality products, services and solutions to professionals in the life sciences and advanced technologies industries. As our channel brand, VWR offers an integrated, seamless purchasing experience… More