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High uptimes, low operating costs, accurate results - This is what you get with our ion chromatography systems for analysis of Anions, Cations & Organic acids. From routine IC analysis to research and development, from stand-alone analysers to fully… More



Metrohm NIRS lab analysers enable you to perform routine analysis quickly and with confidence - without requiring sample preparation or additional reagents and yielding results in less than a minute. Combining visual (Vis) and near-infrared (NIR)… More



Metrohm Instant Raman Analysers (Mira) are robust and reliable portable spectrometers for material identification and verification. These instruments combine ease of use with maximum safety and provide results within seconds. Using ORS, Mira systems… More

MEMS combines the very best of High-Tech product development options with the cost-effective benefits of the Asia Pacific industrial economy to deliver the highest opportunity benefits and value-added, cost-effective engineering. With a clear understanding… More

Miltenyi Biotec is a global provider of products and services that advance biomedical research and cellular therapy. The company's innovative tools support research at every level, from basic research to translational research to clinical application.… More