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Nature of Business

We are the authorised distributor for DeltaTrak products in Singapore. All our products are imported from the USA and are assured of the highest quality and reliability.
Product ranges from digital thermometers to thermal labels to data loggers.
The product applications are broad and are widely used in industries such as aerospace, food and life science. For life sciences, our DeltaTrak products are widely used in hospitals, clinical trials as well as for pharmaceuticals, and vaccines.
We know that pharmaceuticals, biologics and other products from the life science industry, must be kept at optimum temperature and humidity levels throughout the supply chain in order to maintain their efficacy. Any temperature abuse, either above or below the safe limit, can result in compromised efficacy or even total loss of products.
Thus, our DeltaTrak products provide the best solutions for monitoring environmental conditions to help improve cold chain management from manufacturing and distribution, to storage at hospitals, healthcare facilities, and pharmacies.
• Digital Thermometers
• In-transit Chart Temperature Recorders
• USB In-transit Data Loggers
• Flashlink In-transit Data Loggers
• Thermal Labels and Thermal Indicators
• Handling and Shipping Labels

Products & Services

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