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CRN/UEN: 201729216Z

Block 9010 Tampines Street 93
#04-77 Tampines Industrial Park A
Singapore 528844

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Mr Jeff Tan, Manager


Nature of Business

At Science Team Pte Ltd, we have expertise in freezing-point depression osmometry, fluidic connectivity and sample containers. Through these expertise we excel in the distribution and servicing of scientific products such as
  • Osmometer
  • Cryoscope
  • ALP milk and juice tester
  • Bilirubinmeter
  • HPLC columns and parts
  • Fittings, tubings and parts for fluidic circuitry
  • Soft tubing - Tygon, silicone, versilic, etc
  • Barbed & luer fittings for soft-wall tubing
  • Precision glass syringes
  • Parts for solvent containment
  • Membrane syringe filters
  • TOC and pre-clean vials
  • Autosampler vials

As market leader in osmometry, we provide just-on-time delivery of consumables (test kit, standards and references). Osmometers sold by us have very quick service turn around time because spare parts are readily in stock.