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CRN/UEN: 199401685W

192 Pandan Loop
#06-20 Pantech Business Hub
Singapore 128381

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Ms Jes Lim, Business Manager


Nature of Business

Biomedia enables the industrial R&D, life-sciences and healthcare professionals to make an impact in improving lives by aiding them in their research and testing processes with our product and services. It is our mission at Biomedia to provide the scientific community with the best tools and latest technologies. In the process we pay due attention to ensure our products are of international quality standards.

Our business entity – SPD Scientific Pte Ltd provides a wide range of biomedical and laboratory equipment, reagents, test-kits, laboratory consumables, as well as diagnostic products. Our company plays a key role for customers providing them with the appropriate tools that aid them in their research and medical discoveries.

Within the healthcare industry, our products are used in clinics, blood banks and hospitals for research and analysis in the area of microbiology, haematology, and immunohisto-chemistry. With innovative solutions, we offer various testing solutions to support fast and trustworthy diagnosis which is helping to meet the unprecedented demand for trusted COVID-19 testing. We continue to expand our high-quality solutions with urgency, addressing current and future challenges.


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