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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          OVERVIEW OF THE SINGAPORE PHARMBIO SECTOR
(“GSK”), Merck Sharp & Dohme (“MSD”), Pfizer, Novartis, Roche, Sanofi, AbbVie and Amgen have a manufacturing presence in Singapore.
Singapore has invested heavily in building up the relevant infrastructure to support pharmaceutical companies in the setting up of their manufacturing activities in Singapore through ready-built facilities and innovative partnerships.
For example, ready-built facilities such as the JTC Space @ Tuas Biomedical Park provide industrial and laboratory space for pharmaceutical companies, which can be fitted out for single-use technology (“SUT”) manufacturing platforms. This allows companies to set up their manufacturing lines quickly at a much smaller upfront capital cost. Basic infrastructure such as road networks and utilities in Tuas Biomedical Park (“TBP”) have also been set up to accelerate set-up times for pharmaceutical companies. Today, TBP houses almost 31
1 manufacturing plants in its vicinity .
To develop flexible capacity options, the Singapore government has partnered withcontractmanufacturingorganisations (“CMOs”) and contract development and manufacturing organisations (“CDMOs”), such as Lonza, Cellvec and ESCO Aster. Through these partnerships, CMOs and CDMOs in Singapore are able to expand
their capacity for commercial and clinical- scale production, as well as for new modalities, such as cell and gene therapy, for pharmaceutical companies who wish to outsource their manufacturing needs.
In addition, Singapore has worked actively with partners to ensure a reliable and supportive ecosystem for pharmaceutical manufacturing. In September 2018, Merck KGaA (“Merck”), opened a new 3,800-square- meter biosafety laboratory in Singapore that offers clinical testing services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for their biological drug products. The S$20 million investment is Merck’s first BioReliance laboratory in Asia Pacific. This is a significant move for the pharmaceutical sector as most analytical testing facilities today are located in either Europe or the U.S., with limited providers in Asia to serve the analytical testing needs of pharmaceutical companies in the region. The opening of the BioReliance laboratory in Singapore has helped to plug this important gap in Asia by allowing companies to quickly test their biological samples for release to the regional market, hence, enabling them to better serve the needs of their customers in Asia2.
1 Source: Straits Times, “Biopharmaceutical giant Merck opens $20 million lab in Singapore”, September 2018
2 Source: The Straits Times, “Biopharmaceutical giant Merck opens $20 million lab in Singapore”, September 2018
Singapore has established itself to be a leading hub for manufacturing, research and development (“R&D”) and commercial operations in the region. This strong growth is achieved through an ecosystem of strong government policies and processes, continued public investments in R&D, excellent track record of quality and regulatory compliance, and strong connectivity to the world.
Today, the pharmaceutical sector remains a strong pillar in Singapore’s economy, contributing approximately 5% of Singapore’s Gross Domestic Product (“GDP”). With four of the top 10 prescription drugs by global revenue being manufactured here, this sector produced S$19 billion worth of therapies for global markets in 2018. The pharmaceutical sector is also a significant employer in Singapore with a 7,900-strong workforce, consisting primarily of highly-skilled workers.
Singapore is home to many best-in-class manufacturing facilities, where a wide range of products across small molecules, biologics, cell therapy and medical nutrition, are launched and produced. Eight of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies such as GlaxoSmithKline

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