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About Beckman Coulter Life Sciences:

At Beckman Coulter, we are dedicated to advancing and optimising the laboratory. For more than 80 years, we have been a trusted partner for laboratory professionals, helping to advance scientific research and patient care. We have a vital role: our focus on innovation, reliability and efficiency has led us to become the partner of choice for clinical, research and industrial customers around the globe. We're a resource for not only scientists investigating new treatments for cancer, but also for those who manufacture the airplane that will fly the scientists to their next conference – and maybe those who make some of the foods and beverages they consume en route. Our roster of customer industries is always growing, and currently includes:

• Food and Beverage
• Oil & Gas
• Chemicals & Materials
• Aerospace
• Biopharm
• Contract Research Organisations
• Pharma
• Academic & Government Research
• Manufacturing

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences delivers innovative and trusted scientific solutions across the globe for laboratory customers in a wide variety of settings: universities, government, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, commercial laboratories and industries mentioned above. The product portfolio includes:

• Air Particle Counters
• Cell Counters & Analysers
• Cell Sorters
• Centrifuges
• Flow Cytometry
• Liquid Handlers
• Liquid Particle Counters
• Particle Characterisation
• TOC Analysers
• Reagents

By innovating new processes and technologies, we're challenging conventional wisdom to develop the best, most widely trusted laboratory solutions available in the market today. The trademarks in the markets are as follow:

• Agencourt
• Allegra
• AMPure
• Avanti
• Biomek
• ClearLLab
• CytoFLEX
• DuraClone
• Kaluza
• MoFlo
• Navios
• Optima

We know how to help accelerate breakthroughs in scientific research. We know how you can capture the precise information you need to improve product quality. We can help you get the data you need, when you need it, to succeed at whatever pursuit you've devoted your life to.

We've devoted ours to advancing science through discovery.

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