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Sterile IPA (USP)/WFI

OSS manufacturers IPA/WFI is a certified ISO Class 5 cleanroom. The IPA IS 0.2 um filtered and complies with USP specifications. Both regular trigger spray and bag-in-bottle trigger spray are available, the latter prevents mixing of the ambience air with the bottle liquid. Sterile versions are gamma irradiated and validated sterile to SAL 10-6. Available sizes: 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 5 Liters. Sterility documentation is available.

Sterile IPA (USP)/WFI Presat Wipes

OSS manufacturers Presats wipes from a variety of cleanroom fabrics — polyesters, MBPP, or polyester/cellulose fill with IPA/WFI (or DI) or ETOH/WFI options. The products are packed in either peel & reseal pouches, zip lock bag, or canister. Each product is date coded and sterile products are gamma irradiated and validated sterile to SAL 10-6. Sterility documentation is available.

Cell Culture Water

OSS manufacturers WFI (water for injection) that meets USP requirements for cell culture applications. The product is sterilised by gamma irradiation and available in various bottle sizes.

Sterile Diposable Garments and Goggles

OSS offers sterile disposable garments with either microporous or SMS fabric. The fabric are certified to meet ASTM requirements for tensile and burst strength, liquid barrier, air permeability and chemical resistance. The garments comes in various design combinations — hood, coverall, booties. Product is gamma irradiated with sterility document

OSS manufacturers autoclavable goggles with anti-fog and ant-scratch properties. The product is designed for quick strap adjustment, wide view, and wearer's comfort. The product has been tested for up to 40 autoclave cycles.

Sterile Cleaners and Disinfectants

OSS distributes the complete range of Veltek Associates Inc, USA sterile cleaners and sterile disinfectants. The cleaners remove reside left behind by disinfectants down to 0 ppm. The daily use disinfectant chemistries range from phenol, quaternary ammonia, H2O2, to sporicides based on Sodium Hypochlorite, to Paracetic Acid/H202 solutions.

All disinfectant are 0.2 um filtered and sterile ones are quadruple bagged, gamma irradiated and delivered with certificate of sterility.

Also available are formulated process cleaners for CIP or COP, EM for viable/non-viable particle monitoring, and Core2Clean Plus cleaning machine which is 100% autoclave and use as a sprayer, a mop, or fogger all in 1 machine.

Sterile/Autoclavable Stationery and RFID Tag for Asset tracking

OSS distributes Veltek cleanroom stationery for the pharma industry:

CleanPrint 10 — synthetic cleanroom paper that is non linting, non cellulose paper that can be autoclaved. Printed ink dries instantly and is extremely IPA or chemical resistant. It can be gamma irradiated or autoclaved.

Core2Write — Uses synthetic cleanroom paper to make logbooks, labels, and forms embedded with RFID tags. All can be sterilised by gamma or autoclaved.

Core2Print is a high speed printer incorporated with HEPA filter. It can be installed in Grade C area.

RFID tags for asset tracking and inventory management for pharma industry. Autoclavable.

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