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We are the authorised distributor of Cole Parmer.

Econo Green is fully focused on providing a One-Stop Shop for our customers. We have a complete range of Laboratory Products (Equipments, Consumables and Chemicals), Safety & PPE Products (Garments, Shoe Covers, Hairnet, Wipes and etc), Disinfectant Products and Cleanroom Products. Our service department provides all kind of services required by your Production and Manufacturing division.

We distribute full range of laboratory equipment, consumables, chemicals, etc. We provide quality, brand-name equipment and supplies to laboratories. We carry a comprehensive line of premium laboratory products from leading manufacturers, within the scientific market. Find a complete inventory of quality lab supplies that meet or exceed quality and safety standards. Whether you're looking for lab chemicals, instruments or consumables or any customised labware you will find it here.
We offer a complete lines of cleanroom supplies for your cleanroom application. We have served various industries including pharmaceutical, semiconductor, medical device and many others industries which need cleanroom environment. We have the cleanroom supplies to assist to create and maintain your cleanroom environment.
Safety & PPE
We have a broad range of Safety & PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Products and Solutions in the industry. We not only provide them to our customers, we will also assist their safety officer to cultivate a safety workplace to minimise injuries and maintain a more protective and efficient environment. Together with our customers, we are committed to create a safety and a sustainable workplace.
Disinfection is a critical process in Pharmaceutical, Clinical and in any Cleanroom Environment. We sell full range of disinfectant target at hard surface, floor, wall equipment, spare parts, water tank, etc. We carry full range of disinfectant suitable for your routine or daily disinfectant. Besides that, we also sell saturated wipes or dry wipe to fit all your applications.

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